Moon Phases Calendar for August 2021

Moon Phases Calendar for August 2021: When the sun’s light reflects on the moon, then the moon phases. The moon has four stages, the first quarter, the full moon, the last quarter, the new moon. The history of Moon Calendar is very old, it has been used since the time of our early ancestors. Our ancestors used to use these calendars to keep their time and seasons. In today’s era, the Moon Calendar itself has developed very much. These calendars are very light, and they can be easily carried.

Moon Phases Calendar for August 2021

You may have seen at night that the shape of the moon varies from day to day. When the moon is not fully visible then we call it a new moon. When the moon is fully visible, then we call it a full moon. When the moon is half visible then the first quarter or the last quarter is called.

You will find several Printable August 2021 Moon Calendar templates in this article. All templates are available for you here at no charge. These calendars can download in the desktop or laptop. Below you will find many images of Moon Calendar.

Moon Calendar August 2021

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August 2021 Lunar Calendar Moon Calendar August 2021 Lunar Phases

Lunar Calendar August 2021

There are four important lunar phases that happened every month. In August month lunar phases dates as is follows:-

  • New Moon: 08-Aug-2021
  • First Quarter: 15-Aug-2021
  • Full Moon: 22-Aug-2021
  • Last Quarter: 30-Aug-2021

August 2021 Lunar Phases Calendar

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Lunar Calendar August 2021

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